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WhatsApp Status About Love, Attitude, Funny Quotes


Whatsapp Status is great way to express feeling with our friends, family. By sharing status, its shows your personality, After remarkable efforts and research, We have collected attitude status, love status, funny status and more.

WhatsApp Status

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Happiness comes with a price tag. If you are smiling, you have already paid for it in past.

A king only bows down to his queen.

The world is full of nice people… If you can’t find one, be one.

The greatest test of faith is when you don’t get what you want, but still you are able to say “Thank You Lord”.

Be Thankful for all you have, because you never know what will happen next.

Its not important to have long list of friends on FB & Whatsapp but its important to have some friends who can read your face as book and ask whats up.

Take care of your thoughts when you are alone and take care of your words when you are with people.

3 steps to move on. CTRL + ALT + DEL. Control yourself, look for an alternate solution, and delete the situation that hurts you.

Be with someone who brings out the best in you, not the stress in you.

Never blame solely yourself for any misfortune of life, because no single raindrop is responsible for flood.

When people hurt you, think of theme like a sand paper, They may scratch and hurt you but in the end, you end up polished & they end up useless.

People like to bring up your past, when your present and future look better than their.

If you never thank GOD after every smile then you have no right to blame GOD for every tear.

Forgive the past, forgive yourself, forgive your partner, and love the present moment for what its worth. There are plenty of beautiful things to love right now,; you just have to want to see them.

When I say, I love you forever, Forever is the rest of my life.

Good relationship doesn’t need promise, terms and conditions. It just need a *She* who can trust and a *He* who can be loyal.

People who don’t know me always think, I am quiet. People who do know me… Wish I was 🙂

The awesome moment when your mom thinks that you have no money for school and give you more.

God knows who belongs in your life and who doesn’t. Trust and let go. Whoever is meant to be there, will still be there.

In 50 years, people won’t remember the clothes you wore, they’ ll remember how you made them feel. Think before you speak.

Its good to have MONEY and the things that money can buy, as long as you make sure you don’t lose the things money can’t buy.

You have to stand up for what you believe in, even if it means standing alone.

Today is a new day, make the most of it, tell someone you love them, smile at someone, give a hug, hold a hand, or just listen or a minutes, and be a friend.

What if your pillow could collect your dreams and when you wake up you plug it into your computer and watch them over again.

It is during the worst times of your life that you will get to see the true colors of the people who say they care for you.

Sharing makes you bigger than you are. The more you pour out, the more life will be able to pour in.

TODAY figure out what make you happy & do more of it. Figure out what doesn’t and do less of it.

A meaningful silence is always better than meaningless words.

Remember: someone is happy with less than you have.

Life is weird, first you wanna grow up, then you wanna be a kid again.

Don’t assume your partner knows about everything you expect in a relationship. Let him know. A relationship should be based on communication, not on assumptions.

Disappointments are just God’s way of saying: I have got something better. Be patient, live life and have faith.

I may not be rich is money, but I am rich in things money can’t buy.

There are 4 very important words in life. Love, Honesty, Truth and Respect. Without these in your life, you have nothing.

Never let the experiences of your past bring harm to your future. Remember, your past can’t be altered and your future just doesn’t deserve the punishment.

To get the best our of life, realize your past without regret, handle your present with confidence, prepare for the future without fear.

Don’t be too confident when someone tells you they life you. The real question is, until when? Because just like seasons, people change.

The sweetest place is to be in someone’s thoughts and the safest place is to be in someones heart.

Time decides who you meet in your life. Your HEART decides who you want in your life. BEHAVIOR decides who will stay in your life.

When you have money in your hand, only you forget who are you but when you do not have any money in your hand, the whole world forget who you are. Its life.

Rules of a relationship: Stay faithful… Make them fell loved and wanted… Respect your partner… Don’t flirt with other… Have time for each other.

He is not perfect, I’m not perfect. Our feelings and lives are not perfect. But we love each other and that’s all that really matter.

Even GOD doesn’t propose to judge a man till his last day, why should you and I.
You can love someone so much but you can never love people as much as you can miss them.

When you are going through somehting hard and wonder where GOD is, remember the teacher is always quiet during a test.

People will always tell you what you did wrong but hestitate to compliment you for what you did right.

The greatest value of having good people around you is not what you get from them but the better person you become b’coz of them.
Be patient. The lessons you learn today will benefit you tomorrow.

Remember anyone can love you when the sun is shining. In the storms is where you learn who truly care for you.

No matter how good a person you are there will always be someone criticizing you.
If someone hurts you, don’t mind it. It is the law of nature, “The tree that bears the sweetest fruits gets the maximum number of stones.”

Every single person on the planet has a story. Don’t judge people before you truly know them. The truth might surprise you.

No need for revenge. Just sit back & wait. Those who hurt you will eventually screw up themselves & if you are lucky God will let you watch.

In search of perfect person, don’t lose a true one b’coz perfection is fantasy while truth is a reality.

If you miss someone, that means you are lucky. It means you had someone special in your life, someone worth missing.

Nothing is perfect, but when I’m with you everything is perfect.

There’s a story behind every person. A reson why they are the way they are. Think about that before you judge someone.
The longer you have to wait for something, the more you will appreciate it when it finally arrives.

The worst feeling is pretending you don’t care about somehting, when really it’s all you seem to think about.

Some days I want to go back, some days I want to move forward but today, I’m OK with right here, right now.

I may not have everything, I want in life but I’m blessed enough to have all that I need. For this I’m grateful.

Instead of always wanting more, appreciate what you already have and you might realize, you don’t need anything else.

3 things you should never break:

Nothing is permanent in this world; not even our troubles.

The amazing moment when you type your homework on google and found exactly what you need.

Find love when you have time and find time when you already found the one to love.

There will always be a reason why you meet people. Either you need them to change your life or you are the one that will change theirs.

Today’s Reality: Big house but small family.. More edu, degrees but less common sense.. Advanced medicine but poor health.. Touched moon but neighbours unknown.. High income but less peace of mind.. Lots of human beings but less humanity.

Solve the problem or leave the problem. But…… Do not live with the problem.
Ego is just like a dust in the eye … without clearing the dust you can’t see anything clear … so clear the ego and see the world.

Sometimes you got to shut up, swallow your pride and accept that you are wrong. It’s not called giving up, its called growing up.

God does not create a lock without its key & God does not give you problems without its solutions! TRUST HIM.

Might not be tonight, tomorrow or the next day but everything is gonna be OK.

Life is too short to start your day with broken pieces of yesterday, it will definitely destroy your wonderful today and ruin your great tomorrow.

Sometimes we must get hurt in order to grow, we must fail in order to know, sometimes our vision clears only after our eyes are washed away with tears.

A Mistake increases your experience & experience decreases your mistakes. You learn from your mistakes then others learn from your success.

Respect people’s feelings. Even if it does not mean anything to you, it could mean everything to them.

No family is perfect, we argue, we fight, we even stop talking to each other at times but in the end, family is family … the love will always be there.

Mistake is a single page of life but relation is a complete book. So don’t lose a full book for a single page.

Three things cannot be long hidden …… The sun, The moon and The truth.

The past can hurt but the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it.
I miss our long talks, your smile, your laugh, your smell, your kisses and your hugs. I wish I could have them back.

Don’t say we are not right for each other, the way I see it is …. we are not right for anyone else.

One of the most amazing feelings in the world is having someone fall in love with you who you thought you never had a chance with.

Never look back unless there’s an attractive stranger behind you!
If 5 seconds of smile can make a photograph more beautiful then just imagine, if you keep always smiling, how beautiful your life will be.

Attitude Status

I’m that ugly I asked myself out and I said no.

Free your heart from any hatred. Free your mind from any worries. Live simply. Give more. Expect less.

There is no market for YOUR EMOTIONS, so never advertise your FEELINGS just display YOUR ATTITUDE…

Beauty is skin deep but attitude is to the bone.

I don’t insult people , I just describe them.

People with high ego and unnecessary attitude deserves the standing ovation of the tallest finger.

Don’t make a girl fall for you if you have no intention of catching HER.

I’m not going to feel sorry for myself anymore. If you were stupid enough to walk away, I’ll be smart enough to let you go.

Funny Status

I’ve found the recipe for happiness. Can someone just send me some money so that I can buy the ingredients?

I remember when my old Nokia phone said I had low battery it meant that I had 2 days to find a charger. :’)

Standing in the shower thinking… I really need a chair in here.

I really need 5 hours of Facebook to balance out my 5 minutes of studying.

That awkward moment, when people ask: Are you a couple? And you look at each other and wait who’s going to answer first.


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